Digital printing

in small quantities, high quality, on short notice

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Digital printing

in small quantities, high quality, on short notice


Digital printing is most cost effective if you need small quantities.


You get the product almost instantly.

Smaller quantities

If you need only 50-2000 copies.

Variable data

Ideal for printing projects with variable data.

High quality

Usually higher quality than offset technology.


Ideal for flyers, business cards, menus, posters.


Business cards are often the first step of a successful relationship between the business and the customer. A high quality business card with authentic design and a logo always looks professional. Designing such business cards can be a cumbersome effort. If you need any help in the process, we are here to assist you.


We offer a wide range of options from general designs to personalized and bespoke business cards bearing your most special company design. We design colorful and stellar products printed on 350 gsm excellent quality paper, which guarantees long life and stylish appearance. A good-looking business card with your company logo is a valuable asset for you business.


Our digital printing technology allows us to produce your business cards in small quantities with a low price point without sacrificing excellent quality!

You can choose single or double sided, black-and-white or 4-color designs - or  any combination. Besides the standard sizes we offer custom dimensions with matte or shiny finish and sharp or rounded corners.


Even nowadays flyers are one of the most popular ways of advertising. With flyers you can reach many people at a low price. Flyers show plenty of information and are easy to distribute. As with any other collaterals exigent graphics and high quality printing are the cornerstones of success.

Boost your business today!  Flyers are printed advertisements, depending on their size they can deliver detailed descriptions, photos and various graphical elements. With our help you can rapidly deliver the information about your products, business, promotions, offers and more. Because these materials have a relatively short lifetime, one of the most important aspects is low price.

We create your flyer, and after your approval we guarantee that your product will be ready in 24-48 hours.


A tastefully and creatively designed menu card or wine list is an essential ingredient of every restaurant, café, sweet shop, or pub. A beautiful menu helps in increasing appetite and represents the quality of the restaurant. For this reason it is extremely important to make a good impression on the customers. Old, worn-out menu cards could frighten away the customers.


Designing and producing your menu and wine card is a typical printing job. Usually they are printed in lower quantities, and due to the oft-changing contents, re-printing is required regularly.


Our company offers a wide range of menus, from an elegant multi-page menu covered in PU leather to laminated table menu cards and simple laminated cardboard menus. We always store the projects, making it easy to reprint any time you wish to update your menu card.


Our posters (indoors or outdoors) are printed with digital technology in short time, in high quality for a reasonable price. Available up to SRA3 (320x420mm) size and in small quantities (1-10) as well.

If you don’t have ready-to-print materials, our team can help you create your graphic design.


A high quality, uniquely designed calendar could be the perfect gift for the customers of your company, or a nice family surprise. We produce exclusive wall, desk, and card calendars.

Our wall and desk calendars are made with metal spirals and hardcovers. Our card calendars are laminated with curved corners.